Autumn In Valencia – Tips On Log Burners 2016

Autumn In Valencia – Tips On Log Burners 2016

Autumn in Valencia is like turning the page of a book, however we welcome the change of the new season as autumn has definitely arrived. We have got away lightly with the mild weather so far, as October has been very warm compared to recent years. Mind you we shouldn’t moan as the sun is normally out too, brightening our day which is very important over the winter months.  In fact we all get so used to seeing and feeling the sun on our faces, then when it’s not there we really notice. There’s nothing better than a bright, ‘fresh’ start to the day as long as the sun is there to warm us up, we don’t mind too much.

Most of our country properties for sale in Valencia have log burning stoves to keep you nice and warm on those chilly winter evenings. The log burners make the change of season something to look forward to as with no expensive heating bills they bring a welcome glow and warm comfort to any lounge. The only thing I would change is the amount of dust that they create!

Here are a few tips from Azahar Properties to get the most out of your log burner:

Make sure that you have the right mixture of green and dry wood. When the dry logs are burning well add a green log as it will burn for longer.

You know if you’ve had good fire or not by the state of the glass the following morning. If you can wipe it over fairly easily then you´re doing something right. If it´s covered in gunk then you’re not!

It could be the ventilation: make sure that your fire is well ventilated. Never close the second air vent in the chimney. The gases released from the burning wood gives you the heat energy which warms the room.

Finally, find a good log supplier. The logs are normally cheaper from your local agricultural ‘Cooperativa’. You will find one in every town throughout Valencia, they help sell the local fruit, vegetables and wines, a really handy place to know!