Buying Property In Valencia

Azahar Properties offer a variety of Valencia property to buy, to suit everyone’s budget from genuine Spanish property bargains to a gorgeous property for sale in Valencia with sea view. Over the last couple of years, there have been a growing number of international buyers looking to invest their money in the Community of Valencia, (we think without a doubt the best place to buy holiday home in Spain!). With its stunning rolling green countryside and vibrant city life, Valencia is seen to be one of the best places for investment in Spain with an ever-growing demand.

Buying Property for sale in Spain

Valencia’s desirability is strengthened with its fantastic infrastructures, such as its international airport with regular flights throughout Europe and many of the regional airports in the U.K. and other major countries. You can travel in style with the high-speed train from Valencia as there are direct routes from here to Madrid and Seville. The Valencia Province is an extremely desirable location for international buyers looking for their Valencia fincas for sale due to our beautiful clean beaches and mountain regions close to the coast.

Valencia Spain Real Estate Market

These good times for buyers are demonstrated with the current low property prices that are still available and the fact that the Spanish banks are now offering mortgages. All of these economic signs of activity are very positive for prospective buyers. This has been demonstrated here with us too with record sales last year with buyers from Norway, German, Holland, U.K., Belgium, and the Netherlands, thus proving that now is the best time to buy property in Spain.

There are still so many Spanish property bargains to be had in Valencia and its surrounding towns, it’s a great time to be looking at property. With an ever-increasing demand, it is natural to forecast that the property prices will start to rise again. More valid reasons to buy your dream property in Valencia this year, do not delay!


Living in Valencia

Owning a property in Valencia could make up a part of your pension plan, your holiday home or act as your beautiful all year round residence. When you are actually thinking about buying your dream property for sale in Valencia, you must consider that you are definitely buying more than just bricks and mortar, you are buying into the Spanish lifestyle too.

Things to do in Valencia Spain

Life in Valencia is by no means slower compared to other countries, even with the afternoon siesta! Just how relaxed or energetic you want to be is entirely up to you. Living in Valencia you certainly have more time to appreciate the important things in life that perhaps you never had time to before. With bright sunny days, it’s easy to plan ahead and not be affected by the weather forecast. The sunshine gives you a freedom that many of us take for granted living here.

So why not start a brand new chapter in your life and choose Valencia? We offer country properties for sale near Valencia city, about half an hour outside of the city, where you can enjoy a mix of two worlds. Many of our properties for sale are located in small towns that may seem quiet compared to Valencia city but they offer much more than meets the eye. The location enables you to enjoy a quiet life in the country with your own space around you: a beautiful garden and your very own swimming pool.

The city is less than half an hour’s drive from most of our properties, so it’s a small commute to sample city life once in a while. Valencia is a city of growth and expansion and has a bright and colourful future ahead. Valencia community has so much to offer, it really is a beautiful place to live with a beautiful culture to match, so we hope to see you here house hunting very soon!

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