Martin and Sharon Kempson – January 2018

Montroy, Valencia

‘Dear Simon & Helen,

Myself and Sharon would like to thank you for making our move to Spain a successful one and we are really happy that we found your company, Azahar Properties.

We highly recommend Azahar Properties and I would like to take this opportunity to explain why.

The Azahar Properties website is really easy to navigate and gives comprehensive details of properties for sale throughout Valencia and lots of interesting information.

We sent an email request for information about several properties advertised and were contacted immediately by Simon, we discussed our requirements, budget etc and made an appointment to fly over to Valencia to view several properties on Azahar’s books.

We met up with Simon in Montroy and found him a most likeable chap who was very helpful and answered all our queries as we viewed each property. The properties we had shortlisted were ones that needed some TLC and Simon gave us advice on things we could do to improve the properties for our particular needs. After a second viewing on a nice bungalow near Montroy we decided to put an offer in and we left Simon to deal with this whilst we flew home.

The next day Simon informed us that it was accepted and we dispatched the deposit. So then the countdown began because we had sold our property and had been given two months grace before we had to vacate it. Simon had insisted at the time of our offer he could get the transaction completed in the given time and sure enough he was true to his word and seven weeks later we had the title deeds in our hands.

During the seven weeks Simon helped us secure power of attorney and arranged a lawyer so we could get our N.I.E and open a bank account and also kept us fully informed of what was happening as things progressed.

Once we had moved into our new home Simon took us to the council offices to register and introduced us to local trades people such as as window installers, electricians etc so we could begin the TLC.

I would also like to say that the after sales service given by Simon is a different class, Simon is always willing to help with advice and translation difficulties whenever we asked.

So once again many thanks for the professional, efficient and friendly way you dealt with our property purchase.

Best Wishes
Martin & Sharon.’

David and Jenny Swan – July 2017

La Pobla de Vallbona, Valencia

‘For years it had been our dream to own a home in Spain. We and our children had holidayed so happily in many areas before but we knew that actually buying somewhere was on a different level altogether, a massive commitment and you just have to get it right first time. We were totally frustrated by the huge number of websites available which give a few thumbnail photographs and a smattering of vague information about properties, totally useless in the context of making such a life-changing decision.

“Azahar Properties” website changed all that, utterly and completely. Here we found a site that, I have to say, we became happily addicted to! It is a joy to use with each property given a huge portfolio of excellent photographs, stacks of precise information that you need to know and beautifully written, comprehensive descriptions too.

We enjoyed a number of visits to view shortlisted properties and we cannot praise Simon and Helen enough for the personal and swift attention we received, right from the very first email through to our viewings of the properties and beyond. On our tours, Simon gave us as much pressure-free time as we wanted. He knew each property inside out and was full of impartial, honest information about every place we saw, the area it was in and any aspects to look out for.  We felt totally secure in our trust of Simon and the company, it left us able to make our decisions with confidence and the excited, tingling feeling of anticipation that somewhere on his lists was “the one”.

So it proved. One property suddenly jumped out at us. We knew, (and I think so did Simon), that we had at last found a property that we were going to love, that offered us everything and more that we had been dreaming about for years.

Throughout the purchase process and afterwards too, Simon was a constant guide and advisor; it’s complicated in a different country! He was even able to put us in contact with an English-speaking lawyer, absolutely essential, and also recommend various gardening, pool-maintenance and computer services that we are exceptionally happy with.

We love our home in Valencia, it is a joy. We are so incredibly grateful to Simon for his patience, his willingness to really find out what sort of place we were looking for, his knowledge, guidance, honesty and friendship. It is difficult to put into words how much we appreciate all that Simon and Helen have done for us, (with them we did get it right first time), but what we can say is this: we can absolutely recommend “Azahar Properties” unreservedly to anyone who has a Spanish dream of their own; you will be in very safe hands.’

Sarah and Terry Ellis – December 2015

Turis, Valencia

‘I would like to take the opportunity to say how much we have appreciated your help in our house search. The patience you have shown to us on the several visits we have made to Spain has made the whole process a pleasure, taking up several days of your time never once was anything a problem for you. Never was there any hurry to complete the viewings taking as much time as we wanted to look around each property several times and then driving some great distances between various areas in the region until we found a location that fitted our requirement, at first we didn’t even know what this was! As we continued our search your understandings of our requirements lead to your recommendation for our final purchase.

The advice you have provided us has been invaluable and the recommendations have proven to be trustworthy, guiding us through the purchase and keeping us informed along the way. Even after the purchase you have provided us with support in setting up the essentials required in keeping a house running in Spain, far beyond that of any other regular estate agent we encountered.

I hope we can keep in touch for years to come and certainly would not have any hesitation in recommending your services for anyone buying or selling a property in the area. Once again thank you for your help and kind assistance.’

Kerry and Lyn Williams  –  December 2014

Vilamarxant, Valencia

‘Both Lyn and myself had dreamed about buying a home in the sun for many years. One of the main reasons for not dipping our toe into the market abroad was the reputation of so called rogue agents. After carrying out thorough investigations on the internet and knowing exactly what we required, along with the price WE wanted to pay, we were lucky enough to have found Simon of Azahar Properties before paying out good money to fund a trip to Spain to help with our search. During our conversing over the internet by e-mail, and by answering the appropriate questions from Simon on OUR needs, he came up with a number of properties that he thought would fit our dream home.

Lyn, unfortunately, could not travel on the planned dates of the research weekend, so I had the dubious responsibility of having to make very important decisions on the various properties I was booked in to see, on my own. The first day was a complete shambles with the agents I met and the properties shown. None of them had taken into account the type of villas, number of bedrooms and prices that fitted our requirements at all. The second day was a Sunday! No one in Spain works on a Sunday! However, Simon, because of the time restrictions on my visit, had kindly offered to give up his rest day to show me the properties that he thought would fit our needs. I can honestly say that every one of the properties inspected could have fitted our requirements. Simon had worked extremely hard to try to change the dream into reality.

His professional knowledge of the various properties, areas in which they stood, the infrastructure and urban requirements, was so helpful into fitting into our requirements and ideas on what we wished for and wanted. One of the points that stood out about the properties we inspected that were occupied by the vendors, is that they all, without exception, when they greeted us, treated Simon as a friend and not as an agent. Simon was good enough to take the whole of Sunday off to show me around, and nothing was too much trouble. His planning that day was exceptional insofar that we wasted no time in having to resort to unnecessary travel time and we managed to get in all the properties of note. At no point during our visit that day, did Simon resort to ‘the hard sell’!. Indeed on every visit, after the initial walk around, I was asked to take my time and take a second tour on my own and ask as many questions that I wanted. This, I think shows his honesty and confidence in the properties that he has on his books.

We actually found the property that we have now purchased that day. I have no doubt that we would still be looking if it was not for Simon. However, Simon’s assistance did not stop at the offer and acceptance stage. Although we had our own legal representative, we found that the help still given by Simon was tremendous. If an e-mail was sent to him requesting information, it was replied to instantly, thus keeping the wheels turning. We have now taken possession of our property and it was Simon who met us at the gates of the villa to hand us the keys and take us around and explain the workings of this and that, as necessary. There is work to be carried out so that we can stamp our footprint, and Simon, being Simon! is still offering advice to us over various matters when we ask for it. If anyone is serious about purchasing a property in Valencia, they can’t go far wrong with Simon and Azahar Properties.’

Petra Zijlmans and Ben Deckers  –  2013

Monserrat, Valencia

‘Ongeveer 3 jaar geleden hebben wij besloten een huis te kopen in Spanje. En onze keuze is toen , na een lange zoektocht via internet, gevallen op de regio Valencia.

En toen op zoek naar een makelaar… In 2013 zijn we met een makelaar in de buurt van het Lliria huizen gaan bezichtigen maar de huizen die deze makelaar liet zien bevielen ons niet en we hadden geen goed Gevoel bij deze makelaar. Onze vele vragen werden niet beantwoord en ze kwamen er ook niet op terug.

Toch maar weer gaan zoeken op internet en toen kwamen we bij Azahar Properties van Simon Creed. Gelijk een afspraak gemaakt en 4 huizen gaan bekijken.

Dit is dus een makelaar met een duidelijk en eerlijk verhaal. Simon kon bijna al onze vragen direct beantwoorden of kwam er binnen 1 dag op terug met de benodigde informatie. Hij heeft ons het hele traject begeleid en heeft ons op alle zaken gewezen die je moet regelen om veilig een huis te kopen in spanje. Zoals een spaans bsn nummer aanvragen, kopie rekeningen van het water, elektriciteit en internet zodat je het makkelijk kan laten overzetten. Enz enz.

Ook ons in contact gebracht met een spaanse , engels sprekende, advocaat die ook naar alle tevredenheid alles voor ons geregeld heeft inclusief bankrekening openen, Verzekering voor het huis, automatische incasso voor water, elektriciteit.

Wij hadden later nog wat vragen over praktische zaken en ook daarmee heeft simon ons uitermate goed geholpen. Dus ook over de after sales zijn wij meer dan tevreden.

Al met al kunnen wij alleen maar Azahar Properties aanbevelen.’

Jim and Gill Isaac – Autumn 2013

Real de Montroy, Valencia

‘Moving at whatever stage in your life, is always traumatic, stressful, and carries questions that have never had to be answered before, wherever you are moving to. Our recent experience (Autumn 2013) carried extra baggage in that we needed to find a home urgently, as our house in France had sold, and our buyers wished to be in before the New Year!!

Whilst our research had been reasonably comprehensive via the internet, nothing could have prepared us for some of the sights that we viewed via some estate agents, the actuality never exceeded our expectations, and we were becoming disenchanted, until we explored the Azaharproperties.com website.

From the first meeting Simon Creed could not have been more helpful. He explained the features/benefits of all the properties we expressed an interest in and also the pitfalls. This is absolutely vital to potential purchasers, and we were very appreciative, so much so that after two viewings of a lovely property, we then had our offer accepted and Simon, true to his word, guided us through the whole process with great recommendations for Lawyers, Banking and personal assistance throughout the whole process.

Here we are, we began our search in October 2013, found Simon in November 2013, agreed and completed on our beautiful new home November 2013, moved in December 2013, and with Simon’s help we have TV/Internet connection and all utilities changed over. Thank you Simon you have really turned our hopes into reality, and made the move a joy and adventure.

We would recommend anybody looking for property in or around Valencia to talk to this man, he does what it says on the tin, thanks Simon.’

Anthony Steele – April 2010

Cheste, Valencia

‘Having had the pleasure of meeting Simon Creed of Azahar Properties earlier this year (April 2010) we were so impressed by him that we felt compelled to share our experiences with other prospective purchasers or vendors, who are looking to buy or sell in this region of Spain.

Over the years as investors in a variety of properties in numerous countries my wife and myself have come across many different types of real estate agents; from the stereotypical shark to good and caring agents, however now and again (not often) you come across an exceptional one; Simon is definitely of the latter.

Of course, most agents appear pleasant and reliable when you first meet them (after all you are a potential commission cheque), however with time and possibly negative reactions to their suggestions and when the chips are down you begin to learn and discover whether their original persona was genuine. Simon proved himself to be remarkably genuine, as well as honest, professional, efficient, reliable and accommodating all topped off with a good sense of humour; also having met several vendors, it became obvious that they trusted and respected him. Make no mistake, we are not softies!!! We are hard to please, we expect a lot and we were not disappointed.

We have made a lot of positive remarks, but probably the most telling statement we could make is that we look forward to conducting business with Azahar Properties again in the future and would recommend them to anyone regardless of whether you are looking for a permanent home, a holiday home or an investment.’

Justin and Deborah Beard – June 2008

Buñol, Valencia

‘In June 2008 we completed the purchase of a house in Valencia and cannot speak highly enough of the services provided to us by Simon Creed of Azahar Properties throughout the purchase and also after the completion.

This was first house we have purchased in Spain and having spoken to expat friends and spent several years researching the Spanish property market it is clear that many buyers and vendors have had very disappointing experiences with estate agents. We both feel extremely fortunate to have purchased a property marketed by Simon.

At the viewing stage we met approximately 10 agents. Simon Creed was the only one who seemed to truly listen to our list of needs and also to our budget! Almost all of the property viewings that Simon arranged met our “must have” criteria and if we ever sell our Valencian house we will trust Simon to arrange viewings in a similar manner. The impression we have is that Simon tries extremely hard to match buyers with suitable houses, something that many other agents appear to regard as unimportant.

Throughout the buying process, Simon was extremely efficient in responding to all of our queries and also provided many useful contacts e.g a spanish lawyer, currency exchange company, mortgage companies etc. Simon’s communication with us was always very friendly, helpful. By responding to all of our calls and emails so quickly and thoroughly we felt confident and comfortable at every stage.

Simon exceeded our expectations throughout and even months after completion he has continued to provide fantastic service by helping us get quotations from local builders etc

The biggest compliment we can pay Simon Creed is that everything he told us at the viewing stage about our house and about the buying process proved to be 100% accurate. – not something we expected to be able to say about an estate agent in either the UK or Spain!

Our first Spanish property purchase could not have gone more smoothly and to anyone wishing to purchase or sell a property in Spain we can genuinely recommend the services of Simon Creed and Azahar Properties.’