Superstitions In Spain

Superstitions In Spain

When you have finally moved over here and you´ve purchased your dream homes for sale in Valencia, then you will quickly find out that the Spanish are extremely superstitious as The Local have highlighted.

For example, you could be sitting in a restaurant quite happily minding your own business, when suddenly the waitress appears to warn you that your handbag that has fallen on the floor.

This is seen as terribly bad luck and that it could be a sign that you are about to lose your whole fortune, let alone your handbag! So, in the future it´s best to make sure that your handbag has its own seat at the table.

Here are a few more:

Tuesday the thirteenth

One of the biggest superstitions in Spain is their unlucky day: Tuesday. There is old Spanish proverb that goes: ‘En martes, ni te cases, ni te embarques, ni de tu casa te apartes’. Translated means, on Tuesday, don’t get married, embark on a journey, or move away!

No knives or scissors as gifts

Here, if you give anything with a sharp blade or point it could mean a doomed or broken relationship for the people receiving the gift. Note to self: No knife sets as wedding presents.

No hats on the bed

This is a strange one but the Spanish would never put a hat on the bed as it brings bad luck.

Place a cactus on the windowsill

Now this could bring you good luck, or at least protect you from evil spirits entering your house. It lies in the ability that the cactus has to absorb moisture from the atmosphere and any other evil spirits that may be lurking around outside.

Always enter a room with your right foot

It is very bad luck in Spain to walk into a room with your left foot forward. If you accidentally do this then you can counter act it by signing the cross three times!