Keeping Dreams Alive – Coronavirus In Valencia

Keeping Dreams Alive – Coronavirus In Valencia

I would just like to advise you all to try and stay positive and to keep your goals for 2020 set in your minds. Let us use this time positively and give you a clear focus to find you the right property to buy here in Valencia. Do not let the COVID-19 virus deter you from owning your dream villa in the Spanish sun. If you were considering a move to Spain in 2020, try to keep positive as we cannot let the coronavirus in Valencia win.

It is unknown how long we will face this situation, but things will certainly improve. We hope that with Spring approaching and with the coming of the warmer weather that this virus will become more controlled and dissipate. We have encountered an obstacle in the path that we follow, but you should try to continue to move forward and keep your dreams alive. Let the beauty of Spain and in particular, Valencia continue to seduce you as your destination home.

Obviously, at this moment in time, travel to Spain and other European countries is impossible for valid health reasons, but this will pass. In the meantime you can keep your dreams alive by looking at the villas we have available throughout Valencia are shown on our website. I remain here to answer any questions that you might have during this time. I would personally be pleased to speak to you by telephone or WhatsApp while you are at home considering your move to Spain and I can try and help you with your property search.

You can use your time now to consider exactly what type of property would suit you. You need to match a style of property that will fit in with your dream lifestyle here in Valencia.

To get started, set yourself a realistic budget so you can assess the properties that are on offer. I can also potentially advise you of other certain villas that are more negotiable on their sales price.

Consider where you want to be, given your budget and be realistic about your expectations. There is no point in thinking that you can buy a villa with a swimming pool, next to the sea (and within walking distance to all the amenities) for 100.000 Euros for example.

Consider the things that are important to you, for example, the type of property, number of bedrooms, swimming pool, etc. Then consider factors that you are more flexible on, for example, proximity to the beach and or a town, the amenities and within what distance would you like to be?

Remember that unless you own a villa that is practically beachfront, you are always going to need a car to go to the beach. Therefore by allowing up to 30 minutes drive is a sensible parameter. To travel between 15 – 30 minutes isn’t that much as you are coming here for a more relaxed lifestyle. You are not assessing every minute of the day like you may do in your own country coping with busy modern-day lives and jobs.

If you have to travel a little bit extra to get to the beach or Valencia city, do not worry. Most of the properties we offer for sale and all shown on the Azahar Properties website are usually located within 30 minutes of the beach, coupled within a 30-minute drive from Valencia city and the airport.

I look forward to being able to speak to you further about this and to be able to help you by answering your questions.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Simon Creed
Owner of Azahar Properties