Rock your villas with original music memorabilia

Rock your villas with original music memorabilia

Once you’ve purchased your villas in Valencia and you’re looking for some original works of art to compliment your white-washed walls then look no further.

Simon Dollner is the inspiration behind Rebel Rock Art and has been collecting music memorabilia for over 25 years. His enthusiasm for his collection is infectious and he will be able to help you find that unique piece of artwork for your home.

Simon’s built up a list of valuable contacts within the music industry and he uses this close relationship with bands and artists to obtain some of the best memorabilia on today’s market. We caught up with Simon and asked him a few key questions about his business and how it all started.

  1. When and what was your motivation to start collecting memorabilia and art? And what is your favourite in your personal collection?

    I love music and now have the time to listen to vinyl collecting seemed a natural progression, my daughter is an artist so there has always been a love of art – A favourite is difficult to answer, maybe a signed Eagles or Sex Pistols guitar.
  1. What kind of items do you have in your personal collection?

    This varies from Punk to Blues, Sport to Art, signed albums and CDs to signed photos and guitars to signed books.
  1. What was the inspiration to start a business based on your personal collection?

    I wanted to do something that I loved, that I could do internet based wearing shorts and a T- shirt!
  1. You also want to connect aspiring artists from all around the world…why?

    Having a daughter starting up as an artist shows me how tough it is to succeed for any artist in any artistic discipline, having a tuned artistic brain doesn’t always mean your good at selling yourself or starting a business, a gallery can take 50% or more just to show some work, my idea is to give the artist more money and give the artist more control of their work.
  1. Where do you see Rebel Rock Art in the future?

    Having fun with the whole process, helping artists and rocking to the music – We Rock!!
  1. How do people contact you if they are trying to locate a specific piece of Art/Memorabilia?

    I very much want people to contact me and let us know what they want, we can’t put everything on the website –

    You can see us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin plus the website itself, you can even WhatsApp from the website – email using [email protected]