Getting To Valencia By Train

Getting To Valencia By Train

Once you have secured the best property Valencia has to offer, you need to figure out how you are going to get down there to enjoy your summer holidays.

One option you may not have considered in the past is train travel. Rediscover the glamour of the early 19th century by spending a day or two travelling down to Valencia via Paris and Barcelona, great cities worth a visit in their own right.

If you are UK based then you will start your journey at London St Pancras. This is a great station to get some last minute shopping done and pick up some dinner and one of the many restaurants and cafes in the station. Make sure you pick up some fizz for the journey.

You will travel from London to Paris on Eurostar, where you will get to view some of the fantastic Normandy countryside from your window seat. Once you arrive in Paris, less than three hours after you left, you will be able to take in another sumptuous station, Gare Du Nord.

The next stage of the journey will take place in one of France’s fantastic double-decker TGVs. This is a longer stretch taking over six hours to Barcelona. Due to the length of this stage of the journey you may want to spend the night in Barcelona. This is no great hardship, as it gives you a great opportunity to experience Barcelona’s fantastic nightlife.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed you can then take a train the following morning from Barcelona Sant to Valencia Joaquin Sorolla in under two hours, meaning you arrive just in time for a traditional Valencian lunch. See you there!

Find out more about timings on the Seat61 website.