The Spartan Race

The Spartan Race

Once you´ve settled down into life in Valencia and bought your luxury villa for sale in Valencia, there´s plenty of outdoor activities to keep you on your toes.

Spartan Race is the world leader in circuit obstacle racing. It is a crazy sporting event, extremely good fun and an experience that you will never forget. It´s a new sports culture that´s designed to push you to your absolute limits. So, if you’re free on 28th November and you’re fit for the challenge there´s a race coming up in Valencia – Paterna.

The mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo, said that:

‘It is an honor that the Reebok Spartan Race is to be held in our city because it represents values such as effort, overcoming, discipline and teamwork.’

You don´t have to be super fit to do the race, infact people of all shapes and sizes can join in, all you need is the fighting spirit of a Spartan! There are 2 races – The Sprint (5km + 15 obstacles) and The Super (13km + 20 obstacles). The first heat starts at 1.00pm on Saturday and the follwing heats leave every 15 minutes after that.

Manager of the Spartan Race in Spain, Angel Sanz, stated:

‘The chosen location in Paterna has special features like a quarry or a zone of military maneuvers that guarantee an experience, a very different race. It’s going to be fun.’

The Spartan Races are also designed for children. Of course the circuits are fully adapted depending on their age and skill. It´s a great way to get children physically and mentally stimulated in a totally fun way, plus it gives them a sense of adventure and great achievement once they´ve crossed the line.

For more information on the Spartan Races, click on the link:

Be warned: the Spartan Race is addictive!