Obey The Spanish Driving Laws – Don´t Drive In Your Flip-Flops

Obey The Spanish Driving Laws – Don´t Drive In Your Flip-Flops

September has arrived and we are all enjoying the hot weather once again. As tempting as it maybe to just jump in the car and drive off in your most comfortable pair of flip-flops, it is actually against the law. Whether you are just visiting Spain for a week in search of  houses to buy in Valencia or maybe you live here all year round this law simply applies to everybody.

If you were unfortunate enough to have an accident and the Guardia Civil believed that your wearing of ‘inappropriate footwear’ was a contributing factor then you could be fined a steep 200 Euros.

Shoes with an enclosed structure are best or a sandal with a back strap as these are less likely to slip off the pedals or become stuck underneath them.

This law has certainly caught out a lot of British holidaymakers. Victoria Walton, Insurance company NFU Mutual’s motor insurance specialist commented:

‘There are lots of different laws when you drive in continental Europe and they vary from country to country,’

‘British tourists are also at risk of serious fines if they drive wearing flip-flops or do not indicate on the motorway in Spain.’

There are other Spanish driving laws that may catch you out. For example, it is illegal in Spain to use a DIY hands free phone kit at the wheel, if caught, this would result in an immediate fine. It is also compulsory that drivers who wear glasses carry a spare pair in their vehicle.