Cook Your Own Paella In Valencia

Cook Your Own Paella In Valencia

Spain is renowned for its delicious food and drink, and if you’ve just been out to buy luxury villas in Valencia, you’ll certainly want to find out more about this side of Spanish culture. Luckily, there are numerous classes you can book yourself on where you can learn how to cook true-blue Valencian paella.

Very Valencia, for example, offers a day out where you will start with a visit to a local produce market to pick up all the ingredients you’ll need. Then you’ll be whisked off to a kitchen where a professional chef will show you how to make the perfect meal – but not before you’ve all enjoyed a refreshing glass of sangria, of course!

Don’t worry if your Spanish is a bit rusty – the course caters for French, Italian, Spanish and English, with other languages available on request as well.

If you’re not so interested in cooking but want to discover the region’s fine wines, you can do that as well. The company also offers a variety of wine tours where you can go and check out some of the many vineyards in this part of the world, as well as cellars and production halls – finishing the day off with a lot of wine-tasting.

We’d recommend you head out to the Valencian Tuscany, or l’Alfori Les Alcusses, which is just an hour outside of the city but is a wonderful escape out into the countryside. Perfect if you love the great outdoors and want to get to know as much of Valencia as you can.