Easter Week in Valencia

Easter Week in Valencia

Easter week or ‘La Semana Santa’, which is literally translated as ‘holy week’ here in Spain is celebrated this year from Sunday 20th – 27th March 2016.

This Easter festival is taken very seriuosly by the Spanish people, as it is a religious ceremony about the mysteries surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The harbour/marina area in Valencia is where it´s all happening, and it’s really worth seeing whilst you´re here. Whether you’re just visiting or indeed searching for your dream homes for sale in Valencia. There are parades on every day during this week as they unveil to tell the story of Jesus’ last days alive.

The first parades are intimate and emotional, highlighting the true meaning of Maritime Holy Week in Valencia. To think that the celebration originated with only a handful of local Valencian fishermen and sailors – just look what it has evolved into.

At midnight on Saturday 26th March 2016 comes the resurrection. There is an explosion of celebration and of course what the Spanish do best – party!

The climax of the celebrations is the Easter Parade on Sunday 27th March 2016, where the sombre, black dresses are gone and instead you see the bright, white costumes symbolising a new life. An array of flower petals are thrown to the spectators, it really is an amazing sight.

Here are some of the highlights of the festivities:

Holy Thursday – 24th March 2016
8:00pm: Procession of the Torches. This procession lasts late into the night, afterwhich the streets become filled with candles, a spectacular sight.

Good Friday – 25th March 2016
6:30pm: Probably the most poinyant procession of the Holy Week: the Holy Burial.

Easter Sunday – 27th March 2016
1:00pm: The ressurrection procession: a colourful and vibrant procession, full of flower petals, don’t miss it!