Discover Valencia’s Albufera Natural Park

Discover Valencia’s Albufera Natural Park

Who wouldn’t want to find country villas for sale in Valencia and move abroad to enjoy a simpler life in the great Spanish outdoors, we ask you? This part of the world is so beautiful and there’s so much on your doorstep that you’ll never want to fly home ever again.

Take the Albufera Natural Park as a great example. Here, you’ll find the biggest lake in all of Spain and some stunning wetlands, home to all sorts of rare wading birds and lots of other wildlife that you’ll never get tired of spotting.

You can either choose to explore on your own or you can book a boat trip and a paella experience to really get a taste of the real Spain. The tour will take you to the village of El Palmar, where you’ll find some truly authentic Valencian paella, with ingredients sourced from the local market gardens.

If you’ve already tried Valencian paella and want to give something else a go, what about All i Pebre? This classic dish features eels, onion, paprika, garlic and toasted bread, and if you ask for it at the Natural Park you know the ingredients will be as fresh as possible, with the eels caught from the lake itself.

Have you been to Albufera Natural Park before? What’s your favourite part about it? We’d love to hear your Valencia travel tips, so share your stories in the comments below. Looking forward to hearing what you think we should all be doing and seeing.