Tapas In Valencia: What To Order

Tapas In Valencia: What To Order

Anyone who’s found country property for sale in Valencia and has made the big move to Spain will certainly want to try out tapas as soon as they can. While you can of course enjoy such tasty fare in your home country, there’s no substitute for real true-blue Spanish tapas. Here’s what you might like to order.

Sardinas a la plancha

These are simply delicious whole sardines that have been cooked on the grill. Typically, they come with bones still in so be a bit careful when you’re chewing.

Patatas bravas

If you like your carbs, you’ll love this little dish. They’re small fried potatoes served with an alioli sauce (similar to garlic mayonnaise) and a spicy red option that we think you’ll absolutely love.


Being so close to the sea, you’ll definitely get your fill of seafood after you’ve moved to Valencia. These are anchovies that come with garlic, vinegar and parsley. A definite must-try!


When it comes to Spanish food, carrillada should always be at the top of the agenda. These are either Iberian pork or beef cheeks, a lean cut of meat that is cooked over a low heat and served with sauces like tomato, garlic and port wine or onion, pumpkin and red wine.

Give some or all of these a go and you’ll want nothing but tapas the entire time you live in Spain! You can also find lots of tapas recipes online so you can recreate the magic for yourself back at home.