50 Signs That You’re Integrating Into Spanish Life

50 Signs That You’re Integrating Into Spanish Life

Listed below are 50 Signs that you are already pretty integrated into the Spanish way of life. If you think that more than half of them apply to you, then you’re definitely on your way to adjusting to your new life in Spain, and yes, you’re probably more Spanish than you think!

  1. When you drink more coffee than tea.

  2. You automatically say, ‘buenos dias’ instead of ‘good morning’!

  3. When you eat olives.

  4. Don’t mind listening to some of the Spanish songs on the radio.

  5. Start wearing your jeans in September.

  6. Won’t touch the swimming pool until it reaches 30 degrees.

  7. You eat paella on a Sunday.

  8. You drink beer on a Sunday.

  9. When you insist on wearing Lycra just to go for a bike ride.

  10. Don’t mind eating your evening meal late.

  11. Visit cold and rainy countries for a holiday.

  12. Take beer to the beach.

  13. Paint your house white.

  14. When your children start calling you ‘mama’ and ‘papa’.

  15. You no longer notice the sound of barking dogs.

  16. When you drive too fast.

  17. When you think that midday is way too early to eat lunch.

  18. You push into a queue and no longer feel guilty.

  19. Prefer red wine over white.

  20. Wear flip flops for more than half the year.

  21. Know a good paella when you taste one.

  22. Still wearing your jeans in June.

  23. Think that you have a deadly virus when you only have a common cold.

  24. Celebrate Christmas twice.

  25. You no longer notice Bank Holidays.

  26. Start snapping at people when you’ve not had your morning coffee fix yet.

  27. Think that 10 Euros is a lot of money.

  28. When you don’t mind eating lunch mid-afternoon.

  29. When you own your very own paella dish.

  30. You go to bed at 4.00am.

  31. When you greet friends with kisses on both cheeks.

  32. When you’re late for an appointment.

  33. You avoid the sun and follow the shade.

  34. When you no longer get flustered in Spanish company.

  35. Talk more with your hands…especially when somebody cuts you up when you’re driving.

  36. Tactile with those around you.

  37. Communicate with friends via Whatsapp.

  38. Buy fresh bread every day.

  39. Have a log burner instead of central heating.

  40. Nod off in the afternoon.

  41. Completely forgot about the saying that children should be seen and not heard.

  42. When you prefer jamon Serrano over jamon York.

  43. When you work to live, not live to work.

  44. When you read Spanish magazines and newspapers.

  45. Don’t even flinch when it takes the waiter 10 minutes to register that you have arrived.

  46. Play the lottery.

  47. The Spanish ‘fartons’ no longer make you snigger.

  48. When you swear in Spanish.

  49. When your consumtion of olive oil increases year on year.

  50. When one of your best friends is called José, Juan or Manuel.uenago en la leche