Caring For A Pet In Spain

Caring For A Pet In Spain

Many people choose Spain as their chosen country to retire and why not: we have a beautiful warm climate, fantastic gastronomy and and a much more relaxed way of life.

Once you´ve settled into your newly purchased homes in Valencia, then you can really start thinking about you and your lifestyle and how to make the most of your newly acquired ‘free time’. For many people, surprising as it sounds, this can be a real struggle and they actually find it lonely and isolating.

Kevin McMullan expressed,

‘Retiring can be a shock to your system as you lose your routine when you stop working. As well as helping to restore a routine, owning a pet can give a boost to your health and be great for your social life.’

As silly as it sounds, owning a pet could be beneficial to your health. Looking after an animal and having to care for a pet can improve a person’s well being. If you stop and think about it, it´s true. Cats and dogs have an amazing ability to lift your spirits and even make you laugh out loud!

Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation, Andrew McCulloch, says that “The bond between you and your pet can be as strong as between people.”

And then there are the more obvious health benefits: For example, if you have to go out once or twice a day to walk your dog, walking lowers cholesterol, reduces blood pressure and even helps you to relax.

There are plenty of dog and cat sanctuaries around the area of Valencia, so if you are interested, start caring for a pet in Spain and make a friend for life.